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More than likely you have landed upon this page because you have seen one of my videos on youtube and  you are wondering what this site is about.  I have created a video where I describe it.

In all of these areas there is much more to discuss and more to learn.  Please take time to look at my evolving site and consider subscribing to the rss feed or the e-mail subscription to keep up with the posts as they come out.

If you did come here primarily interested in the CAD tutorials and other CAD information, you may search for just that information by searching for the Category “CAD”.  The tag CAD may also be useful because it includes some posts where CAD was mentioned but was not the primary subject.  I also have placed in the Resources page links to download many of the CAD files I have created while making the diagrams used on these pages.

If you are following the popsicle crane the tag “popsicle construction” will be very helpful.

If you got here because of one the youtube videos about electrical theory, use the Category “Electricy” to see all the posts related to that subject.

If you have come here because of my last video “Circles and Cycles”, I have not yet created the related post, but very soon there will be several posts with the tag “simple harmonic motion”.



Thank you

Gary Fox


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