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Wave Shape and Frequencies

In this post I will discuss how the shape of a waveform is directly related to the frequencies used to create that waveform.   This post is not typical for this site because this post is mostly informative about a science related topic and not about the practical aspects of creating and making.   However, this post has been a great learning exercise for me.

I suggest you download and open the attached pdf file before listening to the audio file.   One is not useful without the other.   In addition after listening to this audio file, you may choose to download the spreadsheet file in excel format and actually play with the numbers.

I do want to make one correction to what is said in the audio. The numbers in the horizontal axis of the waveform graphs are not degrees of rotation.  These are simply counting the number of lines of calculations in the spreadsheet or said another way, the number of sample points on the graphs.

Frequencies and waveforms.pdf

The spreadsheet file (harmonics.xls)

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