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Using Manufacturers drawings in LibreCAD

A manufactures drawing being used in LibreCAD

A manufactures drawing being used in LibreCAD

Many manufacture’s have dxf files of their products available for download. These can be used in LibreCAD as well as the high-priced proprietary CAD programs. In the embedded video I show how you can download and use these files for components in your projects.

The example I use is some electronic enclosures by Bud Industries. In my profession we often use manufacture’s dxf for the starting point for layout of electrical panels in industrial installations. A company called Hoffman provides dxf files for all of their enclosures and control component manufactures such as Allen Bradley provide all the parts and pieces in dxf format. There are even some distributors such as Mcmaster Carr that provide dxf files of some simple hardware items such as turnbuckels.

Sometimes it is very helpful, sometimes less so, but if you are designing something and want really good drawings it is always worth the time spent searching for the files.



The video:

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