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Two wrongs do not make a right.

Well here I am on the World Wide Web admitting it…. I screwed up!   Not once but twice.

I was preparing for tonight’s post and noticed the current draw was not enough.   I had miscalculated the load.  I had put some resistors in series when it should have been parallel.   Once I fixed that problem, the voltage out of the power supply was not enough, so I must have messed up on the resistance of the diode or something in the diode model.

A correction will hopefully be coming out tomorrow and I will correct the two previous posts that have some problems.

The only thing to learn from this is to always question your results and ask yourself:  “Does this make sense.”   And then remember:  It is always easier to fix on paper than it is once it is built and melting down.”   (Unless maybe that paper is the WWW…crap!)


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