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Scraping and Cleaning Tools

It is often necessary to scrape things to remove an unwanted material from something you are working on.  This can be scraping paint, scraping gaskets from machines, or in my recent home improvement job, scraping vinyl flooring glued to the floor.

I am including one power tool that I used.  If I had it to do over again I would probably purchase the version that plugs into the wall instead of the battery powered one.  I really don’t need one that portable.   The power tool also is very useful for cutting something flush and was used for undercutting door facings and some other construction and repair work I have done.

The razor blade scraper is handy for a small amount of scraping and the blades are inexpensive.   The larger Red-Devil scraper is better for more large scale demanding work.  It also has replaceable blades.

While GooGone is not really a tool, it is some of the best stuff I have found to remove grease and the sticky residue from things.  I used it to remove grease splatter on a piece of clear plastic and used it to remove the sticky stuff used to hold pictures and posters on a wall.

The utility knife with the straight blades was used to score the existing vinyl flooring while removing it.  The hook blades are very useful to cut any type of material  where it is necessary to pull the material because there is noting behind it.  I used those when cutting the new vinyl to fit the room.

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