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Graphical Design tools

In the videos I am using a very cheap department store compass. All I am doing is making a video, but if I had something where accuracy was very important I would buy one like the one shown below. A long time ago I had one similar, but lots of time and miles have passed between then and now. Dividers are very handy tools to make repeat measurements both on material and on plans.
Scales are useful to design things at a different scale than the actual size, but CAD has pretty much replaced the need to do that. The difference in an Engineer scale and an Architect scale is the Architect scale is divided in inches and fractional numbers, where the Engineer scale is divided by tenths. (Yes, there is a metric scale and those of you not in USA are permitted to laugh at us.) The steel ruler is nice because it provides a nice square edge to butt the triangles up against and will not have the “ride up” problem I experience in the videos using a ruler with bevelled edges. The ruler comes with both English and Metric marks. I prefer etched marks over printed because the printing often wears off.

The T square is useful if you want to draw several horizontal lines and it provides a good edge to butt the triangles against if you want to draw several vertical or parallel lines of the angles. The triangles are necessary if you draw several lines of 45, 30, or 60 degrees and are always more convenient than “getting by” like I did in the videos with the CD jewel case.

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