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As I said a long time ago, the goal of this site is not to push the tools like many DIY sites do.   Often the work shown with the expensive tools can be done just as well with careful planning and much simpler hand tools.  However, good tools are often necessary to do a good job.

The following are tools very similar to the ones I now use or have used in the past.  In the few cases where I used a different brand I reviewed the customer reviews to see if I can recommend the tool. These pages will be updated often as I do project work for this site and also as I do do-it-yourself repair/remodelling work at home. You may find the same or similar tools for a less expensive price elsewhere. However, Amazon, often saves the time and gas of comparative shopping.

Graphical Design Tools: Tools used for precise layout of hand drawings.

Clamping Tools:  Used for aligning and holding pieces together while glue dries and sometimes for forcing two pieces together.

Scraping and Cleaning Tools:  Tools used to scrap paint or glued on materials and get a smooth surface.


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