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The Incredible Shrinking Drawing and a Good Website.

Tonight’s post will be very short, but it actually will be about two subjects.  First I am embedding a new video I have created about CAD.  Second, I am going to recommend a web site about electrical and electronics theory.

Some co-workers told me about the website All About Circuits. The site is very well organized and looks as if it goes from the basic fundamentals to much more advanced electronics. It also how to use some free simulation software, SPICE, to test your circuits before you build them. Not only do they have free E-books dedicated to electronic subjects, but they also have a section dedicated to experiments.

As you progress even further, there is a forum. Those are usually great places to get answers to questions. As I look at their books on DC Electrical and AC Electrical theory, they cover several subjects I glossed over or skipped completely. In general it looks like a great resource the learn the theory. The only thing you will not get there that I added was the silly little stories like “The Twisted Sister” and my continual talk about duality. However, that is probably a good thing for you.

The 2nd thing I want to talk about tonight is another CAD video I have created. I call this one “The Incredible Shrinking Drawing”. (I can’t help myself… I just HAVE to create stupid names.) Sooner or later when you click the Auto Zoom button in CAD, Instead of seeing your creation expand to cover the screen, it will shrink until it is almost impossible to see. It is not because of a CAD bug, but it what is affectionately known as a “cockpit error”. You did something wrong, and that kind of messed with the computer’s mind, so it is now going to mess with yours. The video explains what is going on and how you can fix the problem.


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