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The final analysis of a floating barrel. Flotation Part III

Bouyancy calcs for greater than 50% immersed.

Bouyancy calcs for greater than 50% immersed.

Tonight’s post is the last of the posts about buoyancy and calculating the lift of a plastic barrel immersed in water. This shows the calculations for a barrel supporting a weight causing the barrel to be immersed greater that 50%.

The calculations are very similar to the previous calculations. We have to again calculate the area of the “pie slice” and the triangle part of the pie slice. The difference this time is we have to subtract the pie slice and then add back the triangle.


The "pie slice" and the immersed triangle.

The “pie slice” and the immersed triangle.

I am again providing the LibreCAD dxf file and the excel spreadsheet file. These may be helpful to you to understand how the calculations are performed.

If you missed the previous post, one of the things it has is an embedded video showing these plastic barrels being used in commercial rafts, barges and floating docks.  The sources for the dimensions of the barrel are shown in this post.




The video associated with this post is embedded below

As always it is my sincere desire that you have found this both entertaing and educational.


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