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The 555 Timer I.C. Datasheet Explained – Part 1

LM555 Block Diagram

LM555 Block Diagram

The heart of the Desulfator is based around a 555 timer.  The 555 Timer I.C. is a very old and proven circuit and I can remember it being used in the 1970’s when I was an electronic technician.   This the first of probably three posts talking about the 555 timer datasheet.   The version being talked about is a LM555 by Fairchild Semiconductor.  However, they are all very similar.

The block diagram show to the left is a very simplified version of the components inside the chip and  is the basis of how I am explaining the operation.

The following link will be very helpful when following the video.

Fairchild Semiconductor Datashet pdf Link: 

The Desulfator project Post:

The Post where I talk about charging capacitors:

The video:


The block diagram is directly from the Fairchild Semiconductor Datasheet and is copyrighted by them.

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The 555 Timer I.C. Datasheet Explained – Part 1″ by Create-and-Make.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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