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A silly project – just for the fun of it. – A grabber toy.

Dr. Suess grabbing device.

Sometimes projects are highly planned out. Sometimes not. Sometimes you know exactly how you are going to do something because you have lots of experience doing it. Sometimes you try something new and experiment. This was one of those projects were I had very little idea how I was going

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Processes and Projects Part II: Hydroponics vs. Aquaponics

Hydroponic grown lettuce

This post is another general post about processes and projects. It is specifically about me making the choice this year to go with hydroponic growing of some vegetables. Originally I hoped to do aquaponics, but there are just too many difficulties to overcome in a short time and I wanted to

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Processes and Projects.

Tonight’s post is a shift in direction. (Only momentary for those of you that want me to get back into the electronics… we will return.) I have been very busy the last month setting up a hydroponics garden. This is the first of a series talking about using the process of gardening to lead me

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Thinking my way toward the ideal sheet metal brake.

a generic pan.

There is a term called “paralysis by analysis”. It is the trap a person can fall into trying to create perfect and never getting anything done. However, there is also a term for going out and purchasing something that sounds great, and then finding it will not do the job. It

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Sharing a most wonderful story.

Landfillharmonic Logo

For the most part I have tried to keep this blog all original, but this weekend I am not going to be able to produce a video or write a detailed blog post. I am busy remodelling a bedroom in the house. However, while I am out of pocket I did run

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Soldering – Construction of Electronics

A Recent Built Electronic Kit.

We are getting very close to where “the rubber meets the road” in our electronics work. We have worked in design a bunch, but now we need to start talking about skills. There is no make of the create unless we make it. The first and probably in many

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Happy New Year – 2013

My very best wishes that everyone have a Happy 2013.

New Years for me has always been a time to look back on the previous year and set goals for the next year. I never set resolutions, just goals, because things change too fast.

Much was accomplished, I personally learned a lot and

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A softer side of create-and-make… Teach your children.

Birthday Present

Tonight’s post is a more general one. We are approaching the “consumer holiday” season in America and many will be out buying toys for children. Consider an inexpensive construction project where you and your children can both participate. You will be teaching them a whole lot more than construction techniques. They will

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Constructing Popsicle Beams

Four 2 X 3 Popsicle Columns

In the last post I made some recommendations for tools and parts for electronics experimentation. I will do the same for popsicle construction, but there is a lot less to recommend.

Elmer’s Glue-All – Available almost everywhere. Because it is very important to the results of your project,

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Episode 32 – Voting with your dollars.


In this post I talk about how we all vote each and every day. We vote by how we spend our money and how we conserve the resources around us. We vote every time we buy and throw away things. We vote when we consume, especially when we consume needlessly. In the past people made

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