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The Dancing Frog

The Dancing Frog  :)

Switching gears for a day. My 3 yr. old Granddaughter was over and was showing off her new toy. I decided to “make it dance”.

I found this video on About.com and followed the instructions. How to Make a Doll into a Marionette.

I ended up with this:

The Dancing Frog 🙂



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Episode 21 — The four r’s of materials.

In this episode I talk about the four R’s of materials and products at the end of their “life cycle”. The four R’s are: Recycle, Renew, Reuse, and Repurpose.. Recycling is touted by many as the do-all end all and I talk in detail about what really goes into the recycling of a simple product,

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Episode 15 – Latvian Housewife In America

before after

Alice Koko


This Episode is dedicate to a blog a friend of mine has created. The blog is called A Latvian Housewife in America. Alice is one amazing woman as you can see in her blog. She has posts on. Cooking & Canning, Many of the recipes are family traditions that she got

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Episode 13 – Break is over

I this episode I am talking about some some decisions I have made about the future of this blog/podcast.

I had a couple of problems with where I was directing these posts.

The posts were all about skill building, but pretty much only in one area, construction. The posts were not heading toward involving others.

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This is just a short post today, No audio… just a post. On the facebook page which is a lot looser than this website, I shared a picture of what success is… the path from nothing to success. It is not pretty… lots of side paths.

When you plant seeds or if seeds plant themselves

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Episode 4 – Thinking Creatively – Zoom-In Zoom-Out

In this episode I talk about different ways to think about problems and projects.

The first concept is to zoom-out and look at the purpose and the project from a distance. Later as you work through details you will need to zoom back in for the close-up view. The zoom out often asks the question

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Episode 1 – Why Create and Make

In this post I explore why we create and make. Some reasons are to make things the way you want them and to learn new skills and techniques. However, the biggest reason of all is because you can.

Later in this post I talk about where I want to take the site and the most

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