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Good ole boy Calculus

Our Car with no air friction

Sometimes I get stuck. I have turned this blog into somewhere between a technician type of discussion and full-blown engineering. Many very good technicians I know are very good a fundamental understanding and have almost a magical sense of understanding a problem. Those same guys give you a

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Post 54A – Buoyancy of PVC pipe – Revisited.

Pipe less than 1/2 immersed

Sometimes I get so intent on figuring out a problem, I do a lot more than is necessary. In Post 53A, I showed a graphical method of calculating the buoyancy of PVC pipe and tried with a 3″ pipe. I found it would not get the job done. This

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Episode 54 – Scaling


Increasing or decreasing the size of of a design is not as simple as multiplying all the dimensions by a scale factor. It often requires a complete redesign of everything.

The obvious problems are that some things are not scalable. For example, the device will be subjected to the same wind, rain, snow, and temperature

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Episode 2 Measurements

It this post I talk about measurements.

The first question is how accurate do you need to be. You have to determine that because absolute accuracy is not always necessary.

After that I discuss things that decrease accuracy. Most of the time inaccuracy is due to technique and not a problem with the tool.


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