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Sometimes it really does work out.

A screen shot of my video.

Upgrading the operating system is always taking a chance. It is a lot like jacking up the whole house, replacing the foundation under it and hoping everything works out. I upgraded my Ubuntu from version 12. something to 14.04 and everything was wonderful until I attempted to run

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How I create all these graphs…. part 1 of 3

Voltage across the Capacitor and Inductor in the Series circuit.

I posted a video tonight on how I create the graphs I use on this web site. Part 1 is the actual graphing software. Part 2 is “in the can” and will be posted on youtube soon and shows the second part of the

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Post 53B – LibreOffice

Those of you that have followed this site very long will know I am a big fan of open source software. There are many reasons for that. First and foremost is the programs are free, meaning that everyone can have access to very powerful software. Because it is a group effort

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