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Sprouting Fuzz part II – Clamping a Signal

A clamp in the feedback circuit.

In the last post we added distortion by simply over-driving an amplifier to the point where it clipped, or squared-off the top of the waveform. It basically said…”that’s all I can do… I can’t do no more”. In this post and video I show two simple op-amp circuits

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Using Qucs with a Non-linear Model of a Transistor.

The opening screen to the new video.

Tonight I posted a new video. The video shows how to find the parameter values for a non-linear model of the transistor. This is the best possible model. However, remember it is just a model and there is significant manufacturing tolerances in transistors. The simple model we

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Circuit simulation software – Qucs

A Simple model in Qucs

I spent a fairly large about of time trying to find some simulation software to meet the needs of this blog and the readers of this blog. Some of the criteria I used in the search were:

Free or very low cost: Most of us do not have hundreds

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