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Linearity and our pencil and paper models for Electronics.

Independent Sources

Our goal now is to come up with a way to create simple models of electronic circuits. From the discussion last time “Design, Models, and Simulations“, we understand our model will be very simplified and therefore inaccurate. However, it will be good enough for our first shot before going to the trouble

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Linearizing our Thermistor.

The first part of our Thermistor Circuit.

We are not to the end of talking about the thermistor yet but we can see the light at the end tunnel. Last night’s post “Principles of linearization” was a long one with lots of math… tonight’s post is relatively short and mostly pictures. I think we

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Our First Look at Thermistor details.

Thermistor Resistance vs. Deg F.

Today we are going to take our first look at a real thermistor and start looking at the problems we will have trying to work with it. The thermistor I have chosen to work with is a 10KΩ at 25 deg C (room temperature) thermistor. It is a reasonable

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