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Post 58A – Parallelogram Linkage

Back in the day…(that is what us old guys are supposed to say 🙂 ) back in the day when things were much more mechanical oriented there were a lot of very interesting mechanisms. One of the simplest and often used is called a Parallelogram Linkage. A simple drawing of this shown in the first

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Episode 41 – Framing a building


In this episode I am going to show how we built the frame of a building. The main purpose of this is to show how wood is “stacked” so the position of the wood uses the strength of the wood while the nails are mostly nothing more than pins keeping the wood from moving.


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Episode 12 – Introduction to Forces

This is the first of several episodes that will be talking about materials and the forces on them. In this episode we will be talking about Newton’s three laws of motion and specifically about Newtons 3rd law – equal and opposite reaction force.

Newton’s laws:

A body at rest will remain at rest unless acted

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