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The centroid (center) of a beam.

Several posts ago I talked about finding the center of mass of an object. That procedure when applied to a flat surface (a plane) is used to locate the point called the centroid. The the plane is a flat plate made completely from a uniform material, the centroid is where a pin could be

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Episode 59 – Final Discussion of the Hammock Boat.

The Hammock Boat has been a very good exercise in learning many things, but this is the wrap-up post on it. I don’t consider this really “done” until one is built, but I have done enough by the completion of this episode to decide for certain that I have no interest in building it. However,

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Post 58A – Parallelogram Linkage

Back in the day…(that is what us old guys are supposed to say 🙂 ) back in the day when things were much more mechanical oriented there were a lot of very interesting mechanisms. One of the simplest and often used is called a Parallelogram Linkage. A simple drawing of this shown in the first

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Episode 058 – Thinking through design problems of the Hammock Boat.

In Episode 53 we talked about a Hammock boat. In some other episodes we talked about the buoyancy of PVC pipe to create the pontoons. In this episode we discuss the other problems we may have with this boat and things to be aware of.

First, the announcements: I checked the e-mail subscription thing –

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Episode 57 – Center of Gravity

The Definitions of Mass, Gravity, and Weight. These terms are loosely used so we need to define them to eliminate confusion.

Mass on earth is equivalent to weight because the Earth has a uniform constant gravitational force. In other words the amount of force the earth pulls on something is proportional to the mass of

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