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Post 58A – Parallelogram Linkage

Back in the day…(that is what us old guys are supposed to say 🙂 ) back in the day when things were much more mechanical oriented there were a lot of very interesting mechanisms. One of the simplest and often used is called a Parallelogram Linkage. A simple drawing of this shown in the first

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Episode 41 – Framing a building


In this episode I am going to show how we built the frame of a building. The main purpose of this is to show how wood is “stacked” so the position of the wood uses the strength of the wood while the nails are mostly nothing more than pins keeping the wood from moving.


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Episode 37 – A summary and where we are headed.

After the long hard recent posts it seemed like a good time to take a look at where we have been and to look down the road at where we are headed.

In this blog / podcast I have talked so far about measuring things and geometry.

We started with a line and how to

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Episode 27 – Statics Part II – Moments

A drawing of the problem to be solved

First, I want to announce the Repurpose Contest page is up. This includes pictures of the items for the April 2012 contest.

This episode is the next step in complexity from Episode 25. The problem is very similar to the last one except the force and the rope are connected at different points.


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Episode 19 – Fundamentals of Bracing


In this episode I will show why diagonal braces work and when flexible (i.e. ropes or cables) can be used and when rigid braces work better. These pictures go along with the audio file.

A rectangle without bracing being pushed.

In this picture I use 5 Popsicle sticks connected with push-pins to show the

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