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Episode 29 – Clamps

The quick-grip camps

In this episode I discuss several types of clamps and where they are very useful. In my case I normally have to work by myself so It would be impossible for me to be able to do anything without clamps.

Spring Tension Clamps

The clamps in this picture all depend upon springs to clamp

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Episode 14 – Measuring Plumb

The top vial in this picture is checking the door frame for being plumb

This episode describes what “plumb” means and how to measure it.

This is the next to last of the series of measurements and is actually one of the most simple things to measure.

A post or wall or door frame is plumb if it is perpendicular to a level surface. Two devices are described to

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Episode 9 – Making things Level.

Level is a very desirable property in many cases such as counter-tops and floors. A door swinging across a foor that is not level may very well bind and catch on the floor. Anyone who has ever used a stove-top where the burners are not level knows the frustration of all the grease and

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episode 3 – A Line

In this episode we discuss a line.

The definition of a line is the shortest distance between two points.

Adding a 3rd, or 4th or…. point(s) on that line between the two outer points is called interpolation. We will discuss two practical methods of doing that using our eye or a string.

Extending a line

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