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This is just a short post today,   No audio… just a post.   On the facebook page which is a lot looser than this website, I shared a picture of what success is… the path from nothing to success.  It is not pretty… lots of side paths.

When you plant seeds or if seeds plant themselves in nature, often they land in land that is shaded and they grow tall and spindly but they grow quickly, and sick.  That is not the way for people to grow… and it is not the way this web site will grow.

It is my intention to put real substantial stuff on this web site and should I ever monetize it (make some money off it) it will be with real things that give real value to people.  That is the reason I have the podcasts that try to teach skills.   Those are boring to most people, but should be very helpful to those who need that information.   Sometimes, I produce the rah-rah cheerleader type audios to encourage people… those are actually easier to make, but just like feeding children nothing but cotton-candy it does not provide a lot of nourishment.

There are those out there that try to immediately make money off sites, by providing links to sites that pay them money for the links.   I am not one nor will I ever be.  My measure of success is if this site gets actual true followers and is actually helpful to people.  Yes, I will have to try to get search-engine placement, but I will only do that by providing good content that is actually useful to people.

Oh one more thing,  I will be adding a Resources page today…  many of those will be links to other sites.  I do not make anything by linking those… nor will I if it is a book I am recommending… I may do that in the future, but not now… ALWAYS, even in the future if I do make something off a recommendation, that recommendation has my name attached… I have few things in this world, but my name is the most important one…. I will not recommend unless I have personally found it useful and I therefore think is is useful to you the listener…  Thanks.

RANT OVER…. have a good day….  😀



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