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New page for now… a log of changes made to this site.   – 5/19

Installed a new theme — Very flexible — Now I just have to set it up….. 5/30

Still thinking about where I want to take the site…. new projects etc….. Mostly taking a break and “zooming out”.  5/30


6/9 — Added a link to an electronics blog.    Hope to add more interesting blogs soon

Modified the Categories section to show the hierarchy of the Categories.

Ideas right now for future projects and posts.

Solenoids and Motors in the theory area.

Skills — a lot of work with bending sheet metal.

Passive solar water heating — thinking of a seed starting set-up where the hot water is used for heating the soil.   Will try to make it all gravity / convection fed.

Figure out some low cost method of “machining” groves for installing O-rings.   It may only be in PVC plastic.  The idea is for valves and hand pumps for water.

The data for the thermistors will be stored on an SD card…. Cheaper than doing it wireless and adequate…. it may require a couple of posts about digital fundamentals.

I am also considering some more videos about LibreCAD…. In old hand drafting classes special curves where taught… it is much easier in CAD but still it is helpful to know how to work through the problems.

I have started working with KiCAD….I am impressed but I do not yet know enough to create any kind of tutorials.

Gary – 6/9/2013









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