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Several Announcements and another Qucs Video.

Qucs video Part 5

Qucs video Part 5

This post is an announcement of several things. As usual I am going to change direction for awhile for several reasons. First the Big Announcement. Create-and-make is the featured website for this week on an outstanding Website for the Electrical Engineering Community, EEWeb.com, A link to the feature and the whole website is at http://www.eeweb.com/websites/create-and-make. There are many features on EEWeb that is very useful even for us hobbyists.  I highly recommend you spend some time exploring the site.  There is a permanent link to them in the right hand column of this site under Electronic Links.

Another announcement is I am temporarily going to break away from the theory.  I will be doing several things during that time.  First and foremost, I will get back on Kicad and finish the design for the desulfator circuit. and PCB.   Also I will working a lot with Qucs and becoming more familiar with the features of it.   The final thing is I will be making several posts about my spring and summertime hobby for this year, hydroponics and aquaponics.  I have learned a lot about those recently, and started experimenting with the hydroponics.  Aquaponics is something I want to eventually try but for now it is impossible.  Details will be explained later.

There may very well be a project developed for hydroponics using many of the things we have learned, including the transistor design.

So all-in-all it is time to get out of the theory and back to doing the second part of it, actually doing something.  I look forward to it and hope you will too.

air2IT active capacitive electrode circuit

air2IT active capacitive electrode circuit

The final announcement in this post is about a site I was contacted about on FaceBook.  A gentleman by the name of Josua Wojas told me about his site called Air2IT.com. His vision is much more leading edge than mine, He explores and posts scientific articles and then looks into ways of implementing them using open source and free software such as Kicad. His dream is independent experimenters collaborating and experimenting and assisting each other in designs.  The circuit shown to the left is one he has designed to read EEG signals with the hope to operate the keyboard and mouse with no touch.   He is just starting up the site but look for good things to come if you are interested in more leading edge than where I am.

Finally, for this post I am presenting the last Qucs post for awhile.  In this post I use the simulator to quickly come up with standard value resistors to meet the initial requirements for the transistor circuit.

/embed/6XSM1hGqIPw?list=PLEZm9Qpp2gIMqjbji-iAtkXMBGVcDG6jL” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


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