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This is a page of links to resources I have found interesting and helpful.

The Survival Podcast — A daily podcast about a variety of topics from cooking to permaculture and what I am roughly modeling my site after.

Five minutes with Jack — A almost daily short podcasts about building a web based business … by the same guy that built the survival podcast.

 The Khan Academy – I have yet to review any of these videos, but this looks as if there are lots of videos with subjects about math and science.

The Engineering Toolbox –  A very good site with reference items of interest to engineers and others doing design work.

All About Circuits – A site dedicated to electronics hobbyists.  This site has some electronic text books and a good forum.

EEweb – A site dedicated to professional electronic engineers and electronics news.  Very professionally done and includes a forum for exchange of ideas.

Electroniq.net.  This website contains a huge electronics projects collection with circuit diagrams and description.

Electronics Circuits Design.  This site “aims to help ease your work, offering various electronics projects including circuit diagrams, materials, articles, tutorials and ideas for design of electronics projects.”.


Electronic suppliers:

Jameco Electronics ( http://www.jameco.com/)   This is probably about the best for hobby type electronics that I have dealt with because they are willing do deal in small amounts and have reasonable shipping costs.  Almost every part has a datasheet available for download in pdf format.

RadioShack (http://www.radioshack.com/) is good because they have stores almost everywhere.  However you do pay for the convenience and for larger orders you are often better off to purchase via the net.  http://www.radioshack.com Over the years RadioShack has got a lot of my money.

MCM Electronics, http://www.mcmelectronics.com/, is dedicated more for repair technicians and less so for the general hobby electronics.   However, in the past my son and I ordered some nice amplifiers there to put an audio system in his car when he was a teenager.   They also seem to have a good deal on the DMM’s.

I have bought some from Electronics Goldmine. They are more into the electronics surplus and some hobby kits so I have bought very little from them.  Should you really enjoy working with electronics they do have good deals on lots of different things.


The following are some CAD files I have created.  Most of these were used to take screen shots for diagrams for various posts and are not very pretty drawings.  However, I still find them useful.

print_test.dxf    (Letter Size only for now)  —  The print test described in Post 53D – Blocks, Borders, and More Printing in LibreCAD

Popsicle Stick – English Dimensions

Popsicle Stick – Metric Dimensions

Schematic 2   — A collection of small CAD drawings all stuck together — these are where I have been creating the diagrams used in the Electrical/Electronic Posts — Not pretty… it just kind of grew.

 US Scaled Borders.  — All of the borders presented in the post in a zip file. Creating Scaled Borders for LibreCAD

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