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Qucs – Documentation, the Net List, and the Component Library

Title screen of the new video.

Title screen of the new video.

I hope by now I have many of you interested in using Qucs for simulating electronics circuits. This is another blog wrapped around a video I have posted.  I still do have my “love – hate” relationship with simulations.  You can do a lot very quickly with simulations, but you do have to use your head and see if the results are reasonable.   Also, the simplified model I talked about is what allowed us to get to the point of being able to initially calculate the resistances.
I show an example of parts not being connected yet the program did not complain when a simulation was ran.  Always Always Always ask:  “It this answer reasonable?”

In this video I show several things.  First, how to get to the documentation they have available for this software.  They have lots and lots of documentation.  If you already know electronics you will be able to move way ahead of where I am taking this blog and be able to simulate a lot of things.   I also show how the program converts the schematic into a net list and then uses the net list to do the actual calculations.  The schematic just provides us with a very good Graphical User Interface (GUI) to enter the data in a human readable form.  Sometimes, as I show in the video it is necessary to go to the lower level of the actual net-list.

Finally the last thing I show and probably the most important is that there is a component library available with the software.  The tedious method of inputting the parameters for a transistor that I showed in the last video is not necessary.

The Video:

I have one more video in this series to produce.  The resistor values we are using are not reasonable.  I will change those to reasonable values in a video.  This will show how the simplified model running in our head is useful when playing with the good model in the simulation.   After that I will give transistors a break for awhile before we move on to doing something actually useful with them, but I have several interesting blog posts in mind.   Variety is the spice of life.   One of those will be getting back to KiCad and designing the PC board.


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