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Put out the fire, Call in the dogs… and head it on back.

This would have been my 50th Episode, but I have decided to not publish it and instead I will write it in a blog format.

For about a month now I have finally got Google Analytics and some other ways of looking at the statistics on my site. As I looked at the response on my site. It seems like I have about 5 or 6 people that follow it very often… Thank you! That means I am producing something worthwhile

One of the things Google provides is some data they call “Bounce Rate”… Bounce Rate is if a a person comes to the site and then almost immediately leaves. I have few pages that have attracted people from search engines that do not have a very high bounce rate. The pages that do attract people and keep them there are the ones that have lots of pictures and text. Add to that for many of the audio downloads many have not averaged a significant percentage of the whole file. Basically that leads me to several conclusions:

  • I suck as a podcaster — I have even put myself to sleep listening to it.
  • The material I present does not lend itself to podcasting as the main way to present it.

There are some things I have done right, but audio files at the best for me should only be used as an additional way to present the material.  Mostly I need to do it with text and pictures so you can have time to study it and so I don’t stumble over trying to find the correct words.

So…. I will be changing the format of this site.  During this next week I will be experimenting with those methods.  I knew from the start that I did not pick a popular subject and one that would be hard to grow…. but dang I didn’t need to shoot myself in the foot doing it!

Anyhow… I shall return…. or has Arnold says it…. I’ll be back.

The title of this post was copied from an old hunting term….but also explained in this song.



The photograph featured in this post can be found at:  jon_a_ross photographs at flicker




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