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Processes and Projects.

Tonight’s post is a shift in direction.  (Only momentary for those of you that want me to get back into the electronics… we will return.)  I have been very busy the last month setting up a hydroponics garden.  This is the first of a series talking about using the process of gardening to lead me toward a project.   There are many reasons I chose to make this shift.  One selfish reason was I was getting tired of all the sitting in front of the computer and “thinking” type of work.   I do that for a living also and I just needed to get out and get my hands dirty again.   However, there are many other health reasons I chose to do this form of gardening.  This post is primarily about those reasons.  My additional information is general and the best way to present it was with a audio podcast because I have no diagrams to present.  I am more talking general theory about many process including some that border on “political” processes, determining truth.  This is what I call a “soft” process and it very much an opinion, and I encourage you to do your own research and not believe what I present and my decisions for myself to not be the decisions you necessarily make for you.

A very good video about Dr. Huber and a presentation by him on his concerns about what is happening to conventional grown food.


Some other related material:  I have read this first book a couple of years ago and it was very helpful for me to recover from some medical problems.   It gives a very good simplified explanation of  how our bodies digest food.

The next book is one I have purchased and found very interesting.  Again it does a simple explanation of the “magic” that occurs in the soil with micro-organisms and their relationship with the plants.   There is a lot going on down there and we need to learn to respect it.

Although this is a fairly major shift in the direction of this blog, I hope you all will find it very interesting. One of the concerns for a long long time is: “Does man serve his technology, or does technology serve man?” This and the future post meets that head on.


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