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Post 62B — A correction to a previous post and video.

Oops… I messed up.  In my tutorial No, 8  and post 61A about the LibreCAD select functions, I said the following:

  • A select (or deselect) window drawn from left to right would only select items completely enclosed. This is incorrect.   If the window is drawn from top to bottom it will only select items completely enclosed.
  • A select or deselect window drawn from  right to left would select even those items partially enclosed.  Again this is incorrect.  If the window is drawn from bottom to top it will select items partially enclosed.

The picture above shows the results of my test doing the select by window function all four ways.  I also tested the deselect function the same way.

I made the mistake because in the video I was moving the mouse both right to left as I was going from top to bottom and I had always moved from bottom to top when I created a window from the right side.   I recently caught the mistake.

I will remake the video as soon as possible to correct the error there.

I apologise for this mistake.



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