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Post 61C – Creating the Clock Face Part 2

My Version of the clock-face.

I partially complete the clock face by drawing each of the Roman Numerals.  I did not drawing the X characters.  I will leave that for you to complete.  If anyone does attempt it, I am interested in how you do it.  Please send me your dxf file or a screen shot of the completed face.

I have requested that Wim also tell us how the CAM software works with the dxf files.  As I stated last time, I am guessing based upon some much older software I am more familiar with.  The attached video does not give a click-by-click explanation of what I did because that would be impossible because of the time involved.  However, I do explain the basic steps I did to create the numbers and I am a little bit critical on how the V characters turned out once I rotated them into position.

Another way to create these clock faces would be very similar to the method I used in tutorial 7 where I traced a picture of a car.  There are clock faces on the net and Roman numerals other places.  It would be possible to import those pictures into CAD and then trace and then “clean-up” and scale to get numbers of the correct size and shape.  I chose not to do that in this video because I do not want to run astray of the copyright problems.

The clock-face dxf file can be downloaded should you want to play with it and improve it.  I am making it freely available for whatever use you want so there are no digital rights problems with it.

The video with description of the process is included below.

As always… hope you enjoy and get something from this.


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