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Post 61B – Creating part of a clock face.


Wim’s Clockface

Very often you do not know all of the information to be able to create something “exactly right”, so you take your best guesses and figure out ways to get better when the time comes.  That is somewhat the case in this video.
I had a gentleman, Wim, contact me via e-mail.  Wim is a clockmaker and has built himself a CNC engraver to engrave clock faces and is in the process of learning CAD to run the engraver.

Obviously, from the dxf file Wim sent me he has learned CAD very well.  Meanwhile, I produced this video showing how I would do something similar.  This is a good tutorial for several reasons.  First, and obviously, it is another tutorial on CAD and several functions, including the rotate and multiple copy functions.  More importantly, it is a lesson on having to make assumptions sometimes and testing those assumptions.  It will be very interesting to find out when Wim does the next step of running the dxf file into the CAM software how it handles wider lines and “filled in areas”.   Learning for us all!!!  Good stuff!


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