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Post 61A – LibreCAD tutorial 8 – Polygons and Select functions.

I just posted a new tutorial about LibreCAD.  This tutorial is about several line functions we have not talked about before.

  • Polylines (These are line segments all grouped together.)
  • Rectangle
  • Polygons (center and corner or 2 corner versions)
  • Bisector (dividing an angle into equal parts)

You will notice a few “gotchas” or features about those functions.  (One man’s gotcha is another man’s feature. )

Next I talk about several select and deselect options on choosing entities.  The three most important “hidden” things are:

  • Control-K deselects everything.
  • A window drawn from left to right will not select anything not completely enclosed in the window  Correction:  A window drawn from top to bottom will not select anything not completely enclosed.
  • A window drawn from right to left will select anything partially enclosed in the window.  Correction:  A window drawn from bottom to top will select anything even partially enclosed in the window.

I chose to do this video with a white background, I think the lines show up better this way and wish I had done all of them with white background.   Tomorrow I hope to get one out about hatching… there are lots of “gotchas” in hatching.

All of this is heading toward a final one that will make some suggestions to a subscriber that sent me an e-mail.  He has built an CNC (Computer Numerical Control) controlled engraver and want to use some CAM (Computer Aided Machining) software that will convert the dxf file into control commands for the engraver.


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