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Post 59A – Various announcements and Q &A.

I will be taking a well-earned mini-vacation from Thursday July 5 through Sunday July 8.  I will have no access to a computer so there will be no authorising comments or answering e-mail during that time.  I hope to have a post out by July 10.

I have been get by a lot of spam in my comments lately, so I am going to have to be a lot harder on authorising them than I really want to be.  Unless a comment contains something that lets me know they have actually read my post, I will not authorise it.  I really hate having to be that way, but such is the world we live in.   Also, if I authorise a comment, that in no-way means I endorse their web-site or product.

If you have a serious question, complaint, suggestion, etc. about this site please send me an e-mail at garyfox@create-and-make.com.  I will reply as soon as I read the e-mail.  In most cases I read my e-mail at least once a day.

I have received many questions in the comments, the problem now is I do not know which were real and which were just an excuse to get their name on a web site.  I will answer the ones I think are real.

Pictures, etc not displaying right on Internet explorer, Chrome, etc.  I am using standard “off the shelf” software to create these posts.  From an earlier time when I was playing with HTML on my own, I know the difficulties of trying to work with different browsers and was glad when I found some standard software to run this site, because they have fought that battle for me.   Unless I know a specific picture and specific post number giving me the problem I have no way to troubleshoot the problem.

Connecting up with me:   The best way is to use e-mail.  The best way to know when something new is posted is the e-mail subscription service.  There is also an rss feed to let you know when something new is posted.   An Icon for the RSS feed is on the home page and that is a good way to get sent directly to feedburner.  Once there you have many options for a feed reader and you can choose the one you like the best.

Another alternative to use to contact me and have a two way communications in the facebook page.   Again there is an icon on the home page of this weblog that will take you directly to it if you have a facebook account.   I have a twitter account also, but currently I am not posting updates to it.   However, I understand this version of wordpress has something built in that will do that automatically and will be looking into that very soon.

There have been questions about how I have this account set-up.  It is all standard off the shelf software.  WordPress is an Open-source program so it is free.   All of the plug-ins I have installed are also free, although I will be donating money to all of those organisations soon.

There were also some questions about how I am moneytizing this site.   (I am not sure if any of these questions are real, or just excuses to get their name on a web page.)   Currently I am not attempting to make money at all.   I have minimal expense in this site and have already got much more out of it in entertainment than I have paid into it…I enjoy learning and a challenge. Building this site is a series of steps.

  • Step 1- Learn the technical part of running a site and how to produce effective posts.
  • Step 2 – Build a following and a reputation for reliable and good information and trust.
  • Step 3 – Once I have a sizeable following then possibly look at sources of income.

I have probably graduated Step 1, although there is much to learn yet.   Step 2 is my current process and I am a long way from Step 3.  Once step 3 does come my subscribers will also benefit by any way I do choose to make money.   Any advertisements will meet my rules and my rules will benefit my subscribers.  Without subscribers this site is nothing so subscribers are who I must take care of.  That is also part of Step 2.. If I break trust then this site is nothing.

This site is not yet big enough to support a forum, but if it grows we may consider one in the future.

One other question I received was about people taking material and republishing it.   It may happen.  If I do create an e-book, that e-book will have this site’s name and tag line on each page.  My videos have the Creative Commons License… Share with attribution so they are free to be reused.   The only way to enforce a copyright violation is to have a high powered lawyer employed so there really is no use to try to copyright.  Besides, everything I have learned was somehow given to me, so it is only right to pass the good on with a little bit of my “flavor” added to it.   My videos seem to be doing well in lots of countries where English is not the native language.  If someone would like to translate them into other languages, I can probably help by actually supplying the base video without the sound track.  Again, all I ask if for is attribution and would  expect you to take credit for the translation.

I hope this has been helpful and informative to you all and answered any questions as to why I am “giving it away”.  Not everything is life has to be for $$$.

As I said earlier, I am currently working on building a following, please consider one of the ways to subscribe to this blog.  Please e-mail me with any requests on where you would like to see me take this site.  If you have any friends that may be interested in this site, please share it with them.

As always,  thank you for your time.




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