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Post 58C – The 2nd part of the LibreCAD tutorial.

This a continuation of the LibreCAD tutorial posted last night.

In this one I actually show how I test out software to learn some things.  I was curious if a spline curve will work with the trim/extend function.  (It does as the limiting entity.)  I also experimented with the function I refer to as”offset” to see if it would work with ellipses as well as with circles and lines.  (It doesn’t).

I then show how to do “round things” if these are not photographed directly from the front.

Later,  I show how I tested to find out exactly how LibreCAD attaches the photograph to the drawing.  This is useful if you want to send both files so someone also working on the same thing.

Finally, I give a couple of examples of how I used photographs in drawing in professional life.


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