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Post 53D – Blocks, Borders, and More Printing in LibreCAD

Blocks are a very useful feature of CAD, because these allow you to use the same components again and again without having to redraw each and every time.  In this tutorial, I show the basic way to make a block and explode a block if necessary.   We also copy a block from one drawing to another drawing.

Blocks can be very useful by creating drawings that just contain a lot of similar blocks and making that drawing a “library” drawing to be used to pick the blocks as you need them.

In this tutorial I also show the test drawing I created to test a printer and find what is “on page” and what will not print.   The test drawing can also be used to see exactly what like widths look like once the lines are printed.
Finally, I show how to put borders on your drawings so you will know the print limits.

Clicking PRINT_TEST will download the print test drawing.

The Tutorial:

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1 comment to Post 53D – Blocks, Borders, and More Printing in LibreCAD

  • Gary

    I have seen FreeCAD but decided to not tackle yet at this time. I lucked out and pretty well knew LibreCAD because of working with QCAD before but I had to do a lot of learning working my way through the screen capture and video publishing software just to get it up on the screen My next project is cleaning up the Categories and Tags on this site so people can negotiate it easily. This labor of love….has turned out to be a lot of work…. hahaha.:) Thanks for the complement. If you produce a tutorial on FreeCAD I would be glad to promote it on here and my YouTube Channel.

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