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Post 51D Computer Aided Design LibreCAD tutorial part 2

I just posed a video to show how to use LibreCAD to create the drawing shown here.   Although the drawing is not all that impressive yet, the concepts shown are.   In a relatively, short time I show the following.

  • How to add layers including colors, line types and adjust the lines.
  • How to draw lines, including horizontal lines, vertical lines, parallel lines, lines between two end points, and a line from a point to tangent to a circle.
  • How draw two kinds of circles, one from a center point with a fixed radius, and another one from a center point to another point.
  • Several of the snap functions are shown including “free positioning”, snap to end point, snap to center, snap to intersection, and snap to mid point.
  • Three of the modify functions are also shown, Copy/Move… (both copy and move were used), trim, and delete.
  • Zoom was also used and the final thing shown was how to save the drawing.

As described in Post 51A LibreCAD is Open Source, free software available in several operating system.  It is a good 2D software option and an excellent way to learn Computer Aided Design, CAD, concepts.

I recommend watching this video at full screen size.  This is the 2nd of 2 videos so-far, by the time I am done there will be at least 5 videos showing how to use CAD.

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