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Post 51C – Computer Aided Design – LibreCAD setup.

I have created a tutorial that describes the screen areas of LibreCad and the set-up dialogue boxes.  It totals a little over 5 minutes.  It only took me 20 hours to get it done… Needless to say, I had some software issues!    Long story there, but basically two pieces of software did not play very well together.  Hopefully, I am past all that and the 2nd tutorial video will be out very soon.  It has been recorded and is in the editing stage now.  (Editing stage is what killed me last time 🙁 )

When you watch this video, I recommend expanding it to full screen so you can see the actual buttons I am pressing on the screen.


As always thanks for your time.

It is my goal to make your time spent here worthwhile.


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