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LibreCAD Tutorial – Using Blocks Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous post: Using Blocks Part 1.  Many modify functions in LibreCAD work fine with blocks.  These functions such as trim, scale, copy, and mirror do not affect the block.   However, functions such as round, bevel, & stretch would modify the block so those cannot be used with blocks.   Please note, trim will work if you are trimming a line to a block, but will not work if you are trimming a line within a block.

It is possible to explode a block to bring it back to the original entities.   This is helpful if you want to modify only one use of a block in a drawing and want other uses of the block to remain the same as before.   The very last thing I show I what happens if you embed a block within another block.

I have been neglecting to say this, but these CAD tutorials will probably display a lot better if you expand the video to full screen.



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