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LibreCAD Tutorial – Building and Using a Library of Parts.

A small library of nuts

Finally we are to a point of building a library of parts to use over and over in different drawings.   In this video I show one way of using a library of those parts in your actual drawings.   I call this the cut and paste method.  In the next video I will show you how to install them in your library browser.

This method is a little less convenient to use than having the parts installed in your library browser.   However, it is a whole lot more forgiving and easier because there are a few less “gotcha’s”.

As always, I hope you find this entertaining and educational.






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2 comments to LibreCAD Tutorial – Building and Using a Library of Parts.

  • achilliesdev


    Loved your tutorial. I run on a Mac so most of what you have provided works.

    You were explaining under perferences > Paths about putting the path the the library directory. One thing that I found out about this is that you can not input more then one directory level.


    /Users/Mycomputer/LibreCad_Library – This works

    /Users/Mycomputer/LibreCad_Library/Parts – Does not work.

    The path has to be primary, all subdirectories under the primary will show in the Library Browser, for example this is how I have my directory setup

    /Users/Mycomputer/LibreCad_Library – As primary directory

    In Library Browser is shows up as:

    I am not sure how this relates to Linux but should be the same.

    • Gary

      Thanks a bunch for the additional information archilliesdev. I sometimes use LibreCAD on a windows system but mostly Linux so I have no knowledge of Mac. This will help those that do.

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