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LibreCAD Tutorial – Adding Blocks to the Parts Library

A small library of nuts

A small library of nuts

In this tutorial we are taking the library of nuts we have created the final step and adding them to the Library Browser.
Although this sounds as if it is a minor step there are a lot of gotcha’s and things to think about. Foremost of all is as much as possible think about how you want to arrange all the parts because you will be building what used to be called a directory tree of these. The next step is to think of how you want to import the parts into a drawing. I did this both ways on the example I created. I made individual drawings of just one part each and I also left a drawing with all the parts on it so all could be imported at one time. The final choice will be up to you and how you prefer to use the parts.

The final thing pointed out in the video is to put the insertion point of the blocks at the origin (0,0).  This will prevent the parts from drifting out into the neither world when you import them in your drawing.

One thing I did not mention in the video, but needs to be pointed out.   Because these drawings have to be installed in a special directory, (folder in new terms), save your work elsewhere.  Should you for some reason have to reinstall LibreCAD your parts library will probably be written over and all your work will be gone unless you save it someplace else.

Here is the video associated with this.



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