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LibreCAD Manuals and Some Good LibreCAD Links

A long time viewer of my LibreCAD videos and one of the first people to subscribe to this site sent me an e-mail this weekend informing me of two manuals available for LibreCAD.   In addition I am providing some links to some good sites that contain forums about LibreCAD.

The links to the manuals are also provided in the video but I will provide them here as well.  The first two are pdf files.

User Manual for LibreCAD 2.0  (Please note this is for 2.0 which is still in Beta Testing.)

Drawing a little mechanical part using LibreCAD

This is the LibreCAD Organization web site:   They do have forum there for discussions of LibreCAD.

This group, Librearq, is a group of architect and other building professionals using Open Source software in their offices.   They seem to be very active.  It is a Spanish speaking group.

This is a short post tonight.  Unfortunately, I am up to my neck in a “honey do” project.   I hope to be able to put a bigger effort in this blog soon.

The Video:


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2 comments to LibreCAD Manuals and Some Good LibreCAD Links

  • Raghu

    I am a new user of LibreCAD, and have been trying to teach myself using some of the tutorials. When I tried to create the part described in “CLAUDIO GUARNIERI: Drawing a little mechanical part using LibreCAD” I found that the line thicknesses were all the same, and I was not able to create a hatch. Can somebody help?

    • Gary

      It is always hard to try to troubleshoot software problems without actually being there, but I will try. My guess is you are in draft mode. Try clicking on the draft icon and toggle it off and see if your hatches appear.

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