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Hop on the Bus Gus…. Make a new Plan Stan.

Cryptic title to a pretty much silly post.   I want to apologize that posts have been coming out slowly lately.  Life has gotten in the way.  But things are starting to come back into order and I will be able to post more regularly.

Now the meaning of the title.   In a recent post I introduced the concept of an electric bus.   One of those things in life that got in the way was my car broke down (It was plan A… I do have a plan B so not all is lost.)   The problem was lots of stuff stopped working.  Using normal troubleshooting procedures I quickly located the common item, a fuse.  I replaced the fuse and it almost immediately blew (key word there… almost). So…something on that circuit was blowing the fuse.

It effectively was feeding a bus with about 15 items from one end of the car to the other.  Disconnect and try…. disconnect and try…. try and disconnect…. buy more fuses.   Even worse sometimes it blew when when the engine was started, sometimes before the engine was started.

I was down to only two components left… the hardest two to get at and low probability of causing the problem.  (I rate probability on heat, and motion causing wear.)  As I removed the 2nd worse part to get at, I wanted to know the price of replacement.  It is not sold at the normal places.  What the heck?   So I did a web search for the car, Honda Civic, and the part CLD (current load detector… everything uses letters anymore).  On the Google listings was quite a few forums and it turns out my problem is fairly common and is due to a wire rubbing against a bracket.  (Make a new plan Stan…. words borrowed from a Paul Simon song “50 ways to leave your lover”.)

Duct tape to insulate and pad the bracket and I am done…. except I need to put the car back together.   Put it together and now all that works but I have another problem… it never ends!

Anyhow, as you can see I have been one busy dude.

The posts will be flowing soon.



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