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Hatching and Hatching “Gotchas” LibreCAD Tutorial part 2

In the book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” the author talks about “gumption traps” … things that take the wind out of your sails and makes you want to give up.  I would add to his list software that does not act the way you expect it to act.  That means something that is supposed to make you more productive ends up eating your time while you have to figure it out.

This video is almost 100% about a couple of those “unexpected operations” when using hatching on LibreCAD drawings.  I do want to point out, I learned of these “gotchas” (American talk for got you) while I was using the “name brand” high priced software.  It is not really a problem with LibreCAD it is just a problem.

I am showing a couple of examples that I know of about how hatching can not do what you expect and will actually complain before it goes into a “sit-down strike” and refuses to do anything at all.  I then show what it is complaining about and the work-arounds necessary to “git ‘er done”.  (Redneck American Slang for get it done.)

My guess is if you do any CAD work at all you will fall into these traps.  I will fall into them again also, but at least now you have a way to work through them.

I also want to point out, since the last video I have stopped assigning numbers to the posts.  Because I have pretty much given up on podcasting except in very few cases there really is no reason for me to assign numbers.

I can really think of only one more subject to really talk about in CAD so there will probably only be one more CAD tutorial.  I can think of several more videos I will probably create.

Again, as always consider subscribing to he e-mail subscription service.  Demands on my time are such that posts are becoming somewhat sporadic  and the e-mail subscription service is the best way to become aware of new posts.   The e-mail subscription form can be found at the bottom of each page and in the top of the margin on on the home page. However, there is also a FaceBook and RSS feed Icon on the home page that will keep you current with the posts.

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