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Hatching and Hatching “Gotchas” LibreCAD Tutorial part 1

I just posted another tutorial about LibreCAD in my YouTube Channel.  This one is about hatching.  Hatching is similar to a fill function in most drawing programs, except hatching fills a surface with a pattern.  LibreCAD comes with a library of patterns.

The purpose of doing hatches in drawings is to provide a way of quickly showing different materials or methods that make up an assembly.   Different CAD programs seem to do hatching differently.   The main thing I point out in this video is set the scale of the hatch large until you know what setting you want.  The computer must draw each and every line on a hatch and if the scale setting is very small, the computer may take a very significant time doing this calculations.

This video contains pictures with many small lines.  Because different displays and resolutions may hit and miss lines in different combinations, I recommend viewing this video at the highest resolution possible.



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