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Graphical Construction? I don’t need no stinkin’ Graphical Construction.

Some Initial fitting of circles to copy the hair brush

Some Initial fitting of circles to copy the hair brush

“Why?” As adults we have all been been around a pain-in-the-neck child that continued to ask that question. As children we may have been that child. Some of us might have even been that pain-in-the-neck as adults.   All of us realize time is limited and it is not a lot of fun learning things we will probably never use so even if we don’t say we often ask ourselves… “Why am I learning this?  What good will it do me?”

Many of the products we use in our daily lives contain pleasing curves and lines that make the mundane into something attractive.   We may very well want our projects and creations to also have those features.

In the following video I do two things.   First, I look at many products I found in my house and look at the design and describe how the pleasing shapes are combinations of the graphical construction techniques.   Later in the video I use the import photo technique and show how a couple of objects are really just combinations of circles and lines combined together to make the pleasing shape.

It doesn’t matter what kind of automobile you drive;  a stylish sports car, a “soap-bar” car like my late 90’s Honda, or even a “boxy” car like my old 1966 Plymouth, they all still have curves and lines using these techniques.


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