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Graphical construction – A line through a point and tangent to a circle.

Scene from the video.

Scene from the video.

This is another post in the series of solving graphical problems. I have yet to talk about why these skills are important and that will be in an post soon.  However, if you look around at man-made things around you, you will notice very few are simple “boxes”.  Almost everything has at least rounded corners.  Many things are complicated shapes and most have very few straight lines.   For example, look at the revers curves on a guitar body or the lines on most modern stereos and speaker boxes.   In the early 1960’s American cars seemed to have the boxy shape, but that did not last long.

This will be a very handy skill set as we continue to lay out materials.

I have been working very hard to work through my e-mail problems.  Plan A and B did not work very well.  Plan C would have required me to do a lot of rework on my site and earn some new software.  Plan D would have required the same but in addition would have cost a substantial monthly fee which I really don’t want to pay right now.   So as usual I “rolled my own”.  Tonight is the big test of that.   If you read about fires in Alabama, you may know what the cause is.   Time to cross my fingers.

The video is shown here:


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