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Graphical Construction – A line crossing the center line and tangent to two circles.

Tangent to two circles but on opposite sides.

Tangent to two circles but on opposite sides.

Tonight’s post is again graphical construction and is very similar to the last post. The major difference is the line between the two circles goes to opposite sides of the circles. At first glance this “cross belt” configuration sounds unusual so I included in the video two examples of where it is used. The first example is how I used it when I worked in an aluminum mill. Several times it was necessary to determine how many degrees the aluminum sheet wraped around a roll as it progressed down the production line. The easiest way to do this was graphically.

The second example is one many of us have experienced. On many modern automobiles the accessory items such as the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, etc are all driven by one common belt going around all these devices. This “serpentine” belt is flat and sometimes contact to a roll is made with one side of the belt and sometimes contact is made with the other side of the belt.

Just think… now armed with this ability you will be able to design just such a belt system and be able to hear mechanics and do-it-yourself repairmen every where say: “I wish the jerk that designed this had to fix it!”

A real example of a serpentine belt can be seen at the site.

The video is embedded below:


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