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This links to a couple of pages of definitions of words and terms that I often use.  I will update each of these as needed.

One page is technical and real words and terms.  Some of these terms may be archaic or only common around craftsmen.  Some of these terms have a precise technical or mathematical definition.  Unfortunately, some words have more than one definition and it is necessary to listen to the context of how that word is used.  Square is a good example of that.

Technical terms:

The second glossary is the glossary of “foxisms”… During my life I have picked up and unfortunately too often use slang terms  Many of those are my own invention because I often look at the world a little askew to find humor in it.  I will attempt to add those words as I say them.  Often the humor is self directed and it is not a sign of lack of confidence, quite the opposite,  I am comfortable in my own skin and I think my “stupids” are no worse than anybody else.  However, a good laugh is never worth wasting.

Foxism’s – Terms used by Gary Fox to describe things.  (Heck I know what I mean… why don’t you? 🙂 )


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