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Salam alikom

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5 comments to fawzi-test

  • ahmed sami

    In The Name of ALLAH

    I am sorry.

    I feel that there is a misunderstanding between us

    If you feel my words are not good

    I am sorry

    I appreciate your effort

    fawzi and gary

  • Ahmed Sami

    I want to thank you all for supporting poop people Engineering
    Charity Engineering

    I am waiting the Next course of LibreCAD
    and Its translation to Arabic


  • Ahmed Sami

    wa alikom al salam wa rahmatu ALLAH wa barakatuh

    mechatronics engineer

    • Gary

      Back when this was done, I was trying to set my friend Fawzi up to be an author on here. It never worked out. Sorry you have seen the limits of my Arabic.

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