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Questions about this site:

Q:  Why is E-mail address necessary to comment?  Currently I have it set so I have to moderate the first comment I receive from someone.   That prevents spam and abusive comments.  Once the person is known, the comments are no-longer have to be approved by me.   I do see the e-mail address on the administrator page but it does not appear on the comments on the web page.  I do not collect the e-mail addresses for any lists including anything I might send out.   Should I ever request e-mail address for a list, I will make that a special request so you can choose to opt-in or not.  My goal here is to build a community and that requires that I earn and honor your trust.  I promise that in no-case will I ever sell an e-mail list or use your e-mail in any way that is not something you have agreed to. If I ever break that or any-other promise, I will have made all the work I have done to create this site worthless.

Q: How do I download the podcasts? To download the podcasts, right click where it says download and then choose “save as” and save to the folder of your choice on your computer.  You may choose to rename the file also, but the name of the file has been designed to be good enough to allow you to easily find it in your chosen directory.

Q: How do I Add the RSS feed to Google Reader?   Probably the easiest way is click the RSS icon on the home page and then once you get to the feedburner page click the Google Reader Icon to add it to your Google Reader Page.   However, A 2nd way is if you are in Google Reader, click on the Subscribe Button and when it asks for the feed address past this address in the dialog box.  http://feeds.feedburner.com/create-and-makecom    (note … no . between make and com here.)

Q:  Why did my comment not appear? I had lots and lots of comments that really were nothing more than ways for people to get their web site linked so they would get higher ratings in Google and other search engines.  To put a stop to that I made a rule.  Unless I see something in the comment that refers to something in the blog post, the comment will not be approved.  Your comment can be negative or positive, I don’t care, but it must have something specific about the blog post you are commenting on.  If you have a general remark (something such as “your spelling sucks” or “great blog”), send that to me in the form of an e-mail.  I will reply back.  I am sorry about having to be this way, but such is life on the internet.




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