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Episode 9 – Making things Level.

Level is a very desirable property in many cases such as counter-tops and floors. A door swinging across a foor that is not level may very well bind and catch on the floor. Anyone who has ever used a stove-top where the burners are not level knows the frustration of all the grease and sometimes the food running toward one side of the skillet or pan.

This episode first defines what it means for a surface to be level and later discusses tools called levels and how to use them to determine if things are level.  Also discussed is how to check and make sure your level tool is accurate.   The advantages and disadvantages of different size levels is also discussed.

This pdf file with some notes and pictures will be very helpful when listening to the audio file.

Episode 9 – pictures and notes

I also want to point out the faq page which describes why an e-mail address is requested to comment on the site and what I will do with that e-mail… (Nothing!) The faq also describes how to download and save the audio files.   A new feature is the addition of the facebook and rss buttons.  I have created a facebook page dedicated to this web site and the facebook button will take  you to it.


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